Design Philosophy.

At Meme we believe in challenging the status quo. That’s why every product we create is unconventionally unique, unlike anything else you will find. Every material and element is carefully scrutinised and rigorously tested. Every item is individually handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail. We like to think of our products as functional works of art.

Snowboarding like you’ve never experienced before.

From the moment you strap in, you know you’ve never felt anything like it. The effortless carving down gnarly slopes, the extra air on that monstrous jump, the perfectly cushioned landing – there is innovation at every level. Every piece of gear is stringently torture tested in the most extreme conditions on three continents and six different countries.





Express your Individuality.

At Meme we believe snowboarding is about freedom and the expression of individuality. That’s why we restrict the production runs of every design to limited edition quantities. Meme believes in the relentless pursuit of perfection. Every item is authentic and crafted with love. So you can truly Shred Different.